Entertainment at the Ladner Village Market

Live music is a fantastic part of the Ladner Village Market whether it be to create atmosphere or the entertainment it provides while you rest on a bench and enjoy a snack.

Featured Performers

The Ladner Village Market has booked our musical guests for the 2018 season.

Plan your visit to see the group you are most excited for

June 9, 201910am to 1pmMarlin Ramazzini & Co.
1pm to 4pmDave Paterson Duo
June 23, 201910am to 1pmOlaf de Shield Trio
1pm to 4pmRumba Calzada
July 14, 201910am to 1pmMarlin Ramazzini & Co.
1pm to 4pmKokosoul Duo
July 28, 201910am to 1pmKokosoul Duo
1pm to 4pmOlaf de Shield Trio
August 11, 201910am to 1pmDave Martone Duo
1pm to 4pmPacific Mist Jazz
August 25, 201910am to 1pmMarlin Ramazzini & Co.
1pm to 4pmAstro's Collar
September 8, 201910am to 1pmDave Paterson Duo
1pm to 4pmKadabra Duo


The Ladner Village Market features a number of buskers throughout the market season.  These buskers often perform for periods of 2 to 3 hours.  The typical spots for buskers are in front of the information booth in the center of the market, at the East Entrance to the market off of 47A Avenue and near the intersection of 48th Avenue and Delta Streets.

To apply as a busker at the Ladner Village Market, please send an email with a description of your talent along with a video sample.