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Contacting a Vendor

If you are looking to contact a vendor you have seen at the Ladner Village Market, please send an email to with a description of the product the vendor has, where they were located within the market and a phone number we may reach you at.  We will attempt to reply to your inquiry within 3 business days of your request.

The Application ProcessDSC_1591

The Ladner Village Market is a first class, village market that brings together “make it, bake it, grow it” vendors, community organization and 48th Avenue merchants to create a community enhancing event in Ladner Village.

The Ladner Village Market has over 140 vendor spaces on each Sunday which are filled by one of the over 225 vendors we work with each year.

If you think the Ladner Village Market could be a great fit for your handcrafted product, please check out the details below.

See if you qualify

The Ladner Village Market is guided by a make it, bake it, grow it philosophy. All items and services must be produced by the vendor accepted into the market.

If you are a community or non-profit group operating in South Delta, we have a category specifically dedicated to our community and non-profit groups.  Preference is given to non-profit organizations that are located in or affiliated with the South Delta Community.

The following items are not applicable for this market:

  • Carnival like food including Cotton Candy, Candy Apples, Kettle Corn or Popcorn
  • Wineries, Craft Breweries, Distilleries
  • Nationally distributed packaged foods
  • Businesses that operate under a franchise agreement
  • Items that are produced by a secondary manufacturer
Learn the Market Rules and Regulations

As a prospective vendor, there will always be lots of questions and specifics to learn about each individual market.  Our vendors are provided with an allocated 10×10 spot on the street with their registration for the market.  The vendor is responsible for providing their own table, tent, table coverings and anything else required for their display.   As this is a rain or shine event, all vendors are required to have either a tent or umbrella for their booth.  This also will provide protection from the sun on hot days.

One of the best ways to learn if the Ladner Village Market is the right fit for you is by visiting the market to gather a sense of the products being offered. We hope you will have a opportunity to attend one of our markets prior to applying to the Ladner Village Market.

Some categories have a limited on the number of market dates that you may select.  This helps us to maintain a broad range of products offered within this category and allows the market to bring in some newness each year.

For more information about our vendor spots at the Ladner Village Market, please review our FAQ document attached.


Submit a Vendor Interest form

Now that you have been introduced to the Ladner Village Market, we would like to learn about your business.

Please complete the Vendor Interest form to help us determine if your product is a match for this market.  Please provide:

  • specific details about the products you make
  • a list of where you sell the product
  • up to 10 images of your items
  • an image of your set up at markets


The vendor review committee will review Expression of Interest forms once it is determined which categories have openings for new vendors. This process does take time so do not expect an immediate response from the Ladner Village Market.


Interest forms are kept on file for 1 year and may resubmitted in February each year, particularly if your product offering has changed.  One of the Ladner Village Market’s goals is to promote new entrepreneurs; in reviewing Expression of Interest forms preference may be given to vendors without a retail presence.


An interactive vendor interest form is in the works but in the meantime, please fill out the attached PDF and email it plus any images you would like to submit to

Vendor Interest forms will be reviewed starting in mid-March. The Ladner Village Market will contact those vendors who qualify for jurying.

2017 Expression of Interest

Invitation to Submit a Vendor Application

Filling out the vendor interest form is the first step in the process of becoming a Ladner Village Market vendor. Based on the information submitted in your interest form, our vendor review committee will determine which category within our market you best fit in and send you a Vendor Application Form.  Filling out an Expression of Interest form is not the same as the official application form so some of the questions will be repetitive but please fill out the application form fully with detailed answers.

The Ladner Village Market is an invitation only event.  Each season, we review our product mix and typically a few new vendors are invited in each category.

Participation in the Ladner Village Market in a previous year does not guarantee space in subsequent years.  Each vendor is reviewed each year prior to the invitations being sent out. When our initial invitations are sent out, vendors will have 30 days to submit their application forms with full payment.  After 30 days, the Ladner Village Market will begin to consider new vendors within each category.  The Ladner Village Market will invite new vendors to a jurying appointment prior to sending out a Vendor Application Form.

Application Review and Status Notification

The Ladner Village Market works very hard to maintain a balance of high quality products across a number of categories. A number of different factors are considered in accepting vendors for this market including unique product offering, quality of items, presentation, seniority and customer service.

Your application will be dated on arrival at our location but in order for an application to be processed it must include full payment for the markets you wish to attend. Applications forms are typically processed weekly in the order that they are received.

Post dated cheques will not be accepted.  In the event that a post dated cheque is submitted, your application will not be processed until the date on the cheque, provided there are still spots remaining in your category.

Once your cheque is cashed or your money deposited by e-transfer, you are confirmed in the Ladner Village Market for your requested dates unless we have contacted you.  You will receive a receipt of your payment when you attend your first market of the season.

The Ladner Village Market will receive e-transfers as a form of payment. If you would like to pay using e-transfer, please email your application form to  You will then be contacted with a security question and answer to use during your e-transfer transaction.  Please do not send the e-transfer until you have been contacted by the bookings email address with instructions.

Join us on Market day and Sell!

We look forward to seeing you on your first market of the season. Upon arrival at the market at approximately 8am, you will check in with the market volunteers in front of South Coast Casuals to receive your spot location, details about vendor parking and answers to any other questions you might have.

Thank you for choosing the Ladner Village Market ~ We look forward to a successful season.